Frequently Asked Questions

When will my child receive their first book?

We order books for your children approximately 8 weeks in advance. All books are ordered and
printed specifically for Imagination Library, so we send in our list of enrolled children about two
months ahead of time. For example, if you enrolled in October, your child’s first book will arrive
in December. After December, each child enrolled will receive one book every month until the
month they turn 5.

What day of the month should we expect our books to arrive?

Books are sent through the United States Postal Service. All books will arrive during the month;
however, we can not predict what day they will arrive. If you have more than one child enrolled,
books may arrive on different days.

What is the first book my child will receive?

Dolly Parton selected The Little Engine That Could as a keepsake book that each child will
receive as their first book.

If I have more than one child enrolled, will they all get the same book?

If you have more than one child enrolled, they will each receive their own copy of The Little
Engine That Could as their first book. After that, each child will begin to receive different books
based on their age. Note: All children born in the same calendar year will receive the same book
each month.
You can check out the list of books here!

What is the last book?

The month your child turns 5 years old, he or she will receive Look Out Kindergarten, Here I
Come! This is the last book each child will receive and we hope that it will get them excited
about starting school.

Why are only some zip codes eligible to enroll?

If you have friends or family wondering why they can’t enroll yet, please share with them that we
are working to open enrollment to all zip codes in Waco. We are a non-profit organization that
depends on the donations and generosity of the community. We are working on securing
funding to open enrollment to additional zip codes soon.

My child is very little and won’t sit still for books. Should I still be trying to read to them?

The benefits of reading to children starts at birth! It may seem silly to read to very young children, but it will help you bond with your child and establish an important foundation for future learning. Even when children are too little to understand, or too wiggly to sit still for long, they will get significant benefits of language development by hearing new words and sounds. We encourage you to try reading to your child for fifteen minutes a day at least five days a week, even if they get up to wiggle around during the story! Also, be sure to check out the flap on the opening page of your Imagination Library books for reading tips.