The 2020 Book Selections

Each year, the esteemed Blue Ribbon Book Selection Committee, a specially selected panel of early childhood literacy experts, is responsible for reviewing hundreds of potential titles for inclusion in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Recent studies suggest participation in the Imagination Library is positively and significantly associated with higher measures of early language and math development. The Blue Ribbon Book Selection Committee takes great care in choosing books that meet the different needs of children as they progress from birth to age five. The Blue Ribbon Book Selection Committee selects several bilingual English/Spanish titles each year.

The first book a child receives is “The Little Engine That Could™” (customized version). The month a child turns five years old, they will receive “Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!” (customized version).

Children Born in 2020 will Receive

Sassy: Bedtime for Baby
Where’s Ellie?
Baby! Talk!
The Pudgy Pat-a-Cake Book
Who Says Quack?
Look at the Animals
The Pudgy Peek-a-Boo Book
+ Baby Sounds
The Pudgy Book of Mother Goose
+ I Love My Mommy Because
I Love You, Spot

+ Bilingual English / Spanish title or Hispanic Content

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